Executive Search

Seapoint Partners executive search practice is among the most highly regarded in the country, but this was never our goal. Our success in executive search came as a byproduct of our focus on building the core engineering, product, marketing and leadership teams for our clients. This is where we cut our teeth and earned a reputation as one of the most tenacious headhunters on the West Coast.

Our Approach

Everything we do here is about making our clients feel like they are working with a partner, not a vendor. Which is why we focus on results. Every one of us. That is why we stand out in an industry fraught with mediocre recruiting firms.

Because we consistently deliver the most difficult to recruit, elite-level talent available anywhere, our clients view us as an important strategic asset and the front line weapon in their war for talent. So naturally, when it comes time to find the right executive for their company, founders, CEO’s and boards trust Seapoint Partners to deliver.

Our executive search practice focuses on C-Suite, VP/Director, and senior-level leadership. We are not only accomplished at finding these key executives (which is the easy part), we are experts at recruiting, closing, and delivering them to you.

Our Advantage

One often overlooked, but critical advantage a small boutique like Seapoint has over our larger competitors, is we can recruit the brightest talent, from almost any company, anywhere in the world, without the far-reaching restrictions imposed by conflict of interest agreements. Most large search firms are handicapped by hundreds of ‘off limits’ restrictions that hamstring their ability to access large pools of talent at the best companies. They may boast about the thousands of companies around the world that they count as clients, but they fail to mention that they are prohibited from recruiting from those companies — in other-words they cannot ‘poach’ from past or current clients, where most of the top talent reside.  At Seapoint, our size enables us to go where the large search firms cannot, ensuring we can deliver a caliber of candidate unmatched by the larger search firms.

Our Industry

The recruiting industry mired in mediocrity, so we set out to build a distinctly different search firm, and have succeeded where others have failed because we have a single-minded focus on what matters most in the search business: results. Despite what you may hear from the retainer-only executive search firms, there are no magic bullets, secret sauces or shortcuts to game-changing search work. Others may tout their proprietary assessment tools, in-depth reporting programs, or innovative technologies, and although these systems may sound impressive, make no mistake, geeks bearing formulas will not attract nor deliver the executive you want. There is only one thing that matters in effective executive search: the individual recruiter making the calls.

Our Methodology

We approach executive search with the same expertise, speed, and precision our clients have grown accustomed to when hiring us for non-executive roles. Whether we are searching for a key individual contributor or the right C-level executive, we bring the same professional discretion, rigorous processes, and disciplined execution to every search we conduct, regardless of the assignment. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Following in-depth discussions with you, we thoughtfully plan a search strategy that targets the universe of potential candidates and mines all available sources.
  2. We begin your assignment with an exhaustive search that’s carefully aligned with the specific demands of your business.
  3. Our outreach is persistent, thematic and aggressive; going far beyond the cursory canvas of known prospects.
  4. You are kept well informed every step of the way, via detailed status reports and regular updates. We are available to meet with you as often as needed, and can easily be reached by phone or email, day or night.
  5. Once an appropriate candidate is surfaced, we interview them not just to your job spec, but we also evaluate for intangibles and culture fit. We are fanatical about the details, so we so conduct covert referencing and verify all candidate credentials before we introduce them to you.
  6. Following the completion of our due diligence, we facilitate discussions between you  and the final candidates.
  7. Lastly, to ensure a successful outcome for all involved, we are available to offer market intelligence, compensation data, along with unique insights into best-in-class talent acquisition strategies and advice for securing the candidate you want.
  8. We stand behind our work and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Results

We are a purpose-built search boutique lead by a small team of tenured recruiters, each bringing at least a decade or more of proven experience and track record of getting results. We have made hundreds of successful placements in most functional areas across the entire technology value chain, so you can trust we have the expertise to deliver the talent you want with unsurpassed precision and speed.

Not only do we have a track record of delivering superior talent in less time than our competitors, we offer a more flexible and cost-effective solution as well, so there’s no need to pay more than you should to find the executive you need.

Our Philosophy

We believe in integrity and transparency in all of our dealings. We have no hidden agendas. While money is an important and necessary component of what we do, it is not our motivator. We are people who are curious about the world, and about how to make it better. Our satisfaction comes from meeting people who feel the same way, and then helping them become successful. We are, simply put, an executive search firm that believes the executive is more important than the search.


“Seapoint Partners has been instrumental in building our executive teams. They execute at the highest level and I believe them to be the head of the class in the search business.” –Bob Wilson, General Partner