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Job: Data Science Engineer

Title Data Science Engineer
Categories Software Engineering
Location Seattle
Job Information

You will be joining a small team of engineers and designers creating products at the intersection of all of todays hottest technologies.

In order to deliver magical search and discovery experiences to our customers, we rely on a wide array of machine learning algorithms and data analysis techniques. To guide users to the information they need, we use textual analysis, measure behavioral similarity, find relationships with association rule learning, and do collaborative filtering for recommendations. Statistical techniques allow us to measure and constantly refine these algorithms.

We are seeking a hardcore backend systems engineer that has a track record building large-scale, highly distributed systems, but has a big interest in backend data, and has done some work perhaps in machine learning, graph analysis, data visualization, data mining, algorithms etc.

Your core responsibility is as systems programer –  this is a non-negotiable. We don’t need a pure data scientist, expert statistician, or data analyst, nor do we need a big data guy who has written and dabbled in Hadoop (flavor of the month) … we need a hard core backed guy with a passion for data.

You will be involved in all aspects of data analysis, designing and implementing our data architecture and the algorithms that drive the product. Our system is built on a foundation of the best open source technologies, and we will weave in any additional tools that produce the best possible results for our customers.

Requirements and Skills
  • Hardcore backend systems engineer, building large-scale, highly distributed systems.
  • Passion for answering hard questions with data.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, priding yourself on getting things done with a high level of quality.
  • Expert in applying analytical techniques to very large data sets, using statistical methods on multi-dimensional problems.
  • Software development expertise at scale.
  • Strong familiarity with database systems – relational and non-relational.
  • Familiarity with analysis systems like R, Matlab, or SAS is a plus.
  • Knowledge of public domain machine learning platforms like Mahout and distributed processing systems like Hadoop is a plus.
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