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Job: Senior Distributed Systems Engineer

Title Senior Distributed Systems Engineer
Categories Software Engineering
Location Seattle
Job Information

We are looking for a distributed systems and networking stack expert to help us scale our our service to the next order of magnitude of users, devices.

As a hard-core systems engineer, you deeply understand async and concurrency. You are comfortable in both user and kernel mode and understand what goes where. You have designed and implemented Internet-scale distributed systems. You understand networking, down to how TCP really works. You have written storage subsystems and filesystems. You are just as comfortable in C as you are productive in C# or Java. You have a large tool chest of data structures and algorithms to pick from. You focus on the right layering and architecture. You are a perf wizard and can reason about resource tradeoffs. You understand both Linux and Windows internals. You pride yourself on writing well-tested, high-quality code and get it right the first time. The position will provide many interesting, hard-core technical challenges and as much responsibility as you can handle.


  • Computer Science degree
  • 10 or more years of experience developing and shipping system software such as core operating system components, networking stack, distributed file systems, databases
  • Cross-platform software development in C#/Java/C++
  • Depth of knowledge in networking, protocol design, and concurrent systems
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as in small groups
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