Our Clients

We are exceptional at the three things that drive game-changing search work: we win and represent the most influential technology companies; we consistently bring the best and brightest talent to the table; and we identify, recruit and close the candidate you want.

The candidate you want is difficult to attract and win because they are fully engaged in delivering results for their company. They are highly sought after because they are instrumental in transforming the organizations they work for. The best companies have major breakthroughs because of them, and unremarkable companies continue to struggle because they lack them. We are known for recruiting these elite individual contributors along with the leadership teams that are essential for our clients to achieve their objectives and dominate their market.

That’s why we’ve been hired by founders, CEO’s and boards to build the leadership teams for companies like Skytap, Apptio, Symform, Corensic (acq F5), Qumulo, Limelight Networks, LiveMocha, The Washington Post Companies, Webtrends, Isilon (acq EMC), Payscale, Context Relevant, Pelego (acq Groupon), College Brain, Gist (acq RIM), Watchguard Technologies, Zillow, SonicWall (acq Dell), Applied Technical Systems, Likewise (acq EMC), RMS, Netmotion Wireless (acq Clearlake Capital Group), Medio Systems, along with many other high impact innovators and leading venture capital firms.

Add to this list are many ongoing searches for top talent at our newest clients  –  the high-growth, early-stage and stealth companies that you’ve never heard of that will soon emerge as the next generation of technology leadership.

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