Why You Should Hire Us

Why you should hire Seapoint Partners

We direct source and target the candidates you want

We target passive candidates. Our focus is finding the people who don’t want to be found. Our outreach is persistent, thematic and aggressive; going far beyond the cursory canvas of known prospects. We never use the job boards. The candidate you want isn’t looking for a job so they don’t post to job sites,  they don’t read or apply to ads, and they probably don’t even have a resume. And because they are functioning at a high level engaged in delivering value for their company, they refuse to respond to most recruiter’s calls too. We know who these people are, where they work, and how to get their attention. Most importantly, they know who we are, so they take our calls. We not only are experts at finding the key passive talent you want, but we are highly accomplished at recruiting, closing, and delivering them to you. This is why we stand out in the sea of mediocre recruiting firms.

We focus on nationwide searches for Pacific Northwest companies

 We live, love and work in the Seattle. Because we’ve called this place our home for many years, we’ve cultivated thousands of relationships across the entire technology value-chain. We have unique access to successful entrepreneurs and business executives, the investment community, talented individual contributors, and proven leaders within this thriving technology ecosystem. And when a candidate is considering relocating here, we are passionate advocates for our clients and proficient at ‘pitching’ our region, which can help both parties optimize their decisions. This gives us an important advantage in securing the candidate you want. Our knowledge of the Seattle area can prove invaluable in providing local insights into schools, culture, housing, climate, recreation and the other benefits of moving to one of the most livable areas in the country.

We give your assignment top priority

We know your assignment is a top priority, so we will only take on work we are confident we can complete in a timely fashion. Our size demands that we take on fewer clients, but when we do agree to do a search for a customer, we work exceptionally hard to deliver on our commitments and exceed expectations. Most search firms, especially in a hot market, take on far too many clients and make promises they can’t keep. They get bogged down with more work than they can effective manage, which depletes recruiting resources and deprives your assignment the attention it deserves,  resulting in a long or incomplete search. At Seapoint, our disciplined, thematic approach to sourcing and evaluating opportunities focuses our attention on assignments we know we can complete and on the areas where we can best leverage our expertise and network of relationships.

We personally lead every assignment

We are a small collaborative team, with only a highly experienced partner with a vested interest in your complete satisfaction expertly handling your assignment from the beginning to completion. When you hire us, the partners are making the calls; doing the recruiting and helping you close the search. Most large search firm’s senior people pitch their services to win over the client, but then delegate the recruiting to inexperienced junior associates. At Seapoint, there is no ‘bait and switch’ with junior staffers. Our size assures your assignment is as important to our success as it is to yours, so you’re guaranteed senior-level attention at every stage of the search.

We have unrestricted access to the best candidates

We can recruit the brightest talent, from almost any company, anywhere in the world, without the far-reaching restrictions imposed by conflict of interest agreements. Most large search firms boast about the hundreds of marquis names on their client roster, but fail to mention they cannot recruit from those same companies — in other-words they cannot ‘poach’ from past or current clients where most of the top talent reside. These  ’off limits’ restrictions hamstring their ability to access large pools of talent at the best companies which limits the universe of talent they can tap into. At Seapoint, our size enables us to go where the large search firms cannot, ensuring we can deliver a caliber of candidate unmatched by the larger search firms.

We handle your assignment efficiently

We understand you’re busy running your business, so we strive to be easy to do business with. Our size allows us the flexibility to tailor our approach to each client’s unique situation and needs. It also guarantees all communication is channeled through a single point of contact. Most large staffing agencies and search firms employ a ‘one size shoe’ approach to every client, then engage many assistants, researchers and rookie recruiters on the search assignments. This means it’s unlikely you’ll get the candidates you want, but worse you’ll end up wasting your time fielding calls, emails and interacting with numerous people. This redundancy and lack of flexibility can become a burden on your time and slow the search process. At Seapoint, our partners personally lead every aspect of your search assignment from start to finish ensuring the highest level of precision and speed.

We manage your assignment with discretion and confidentiality

We are a small purpose-built boutique, which gives us the ability to carefully manage and oversee every aspect of your search assignment. When you hire us, all communication in the marketplace and all interaction with you, channels through one person. Most staffing agencies and large search firms expose all their job assignment to everyone within the organization. With many eyes looking over your sensitive assignment and numerous people working on your order, there is a high likelihood of an unintentional and potentially damaging breach of confidentiality. At Seapoint, one senior-level partner is accountable for the success of your assignment, so they are the one making the calls, which means you get a discreet and targeted search, without the risk of over exposing or jeopardizing your confidential assignment.